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A lawn that received our hydroseeding services in Toledo, OH


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Our Most Popular Lawn Services


Commercial and Residential

Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. With our own unique hydroseeding process, we prepare the soil to achieve far better results. On-going moisture delivered to the growing root zone of the plant, along with proper fertilization, will help to keep your new lawn green and healthy.
GreenLawn is committed to getting you the best possible results.
To better assist our customers, we leave behind step-by-step instructions to help them to achieve desired results, as well as instructions for continued maintenance of their new lawn.


A new lawn can do wonders.

Let the experts at GreenLawn help you determine the best method for your unique lawn.
If your lawn suffers from bare spots or disease, it may be time for a new lawn. Let GreenLawn show you which process is best for you to get the beautiful lawn you desire.
  • Over Seeding
  • Slit Seeding
  • Hydro Seeding
  • And more!
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Aerating is important when maintaining or improving your lawn.

A core aeration pulls plugs from the soil to help alleviate compaction, to allow moisture to better enter the soil, to allow fertilizers and other plant supplements to better filtrate and mix with the soil, and to feed the grass roots at a deeper level in order to encourage stronger and deeper development of the root system.
Another purpose of aeration is to allow air to enter the soil to help carry out proper workings of bacteria that help break down organic matter (thatch) on and in the soil. In this way, the grass clippings and the dead and dying grass plants and their roots will decompose and turn into humus, which will actually feed the roots of the healthy lawn grasses. A sufficient amount of air is also necessary in order for the minerals in the soil to be usable by the grass. If you are interested in this service, GreenLawn Lawn and Garden Service LLC can help you! Call (419)826-1717.


Lawn Rolling

Lawn Rolling can help level the soil and improve the overall appearance of your lawn, as well as speed up the establishment of newly seeded lawns.

How? When the ground freezes in the winter it heaves, causing uneven ground or what we like to call "ankle twisters." By rolling the lawn in early spring or when the lawn is wet, it helps to smooth out the lawn.

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